Wilsonart Debuts Designs Inspired by Individualism and Personalization

New Virtual Design Library Collection Captures Simplistic, Playful Spirit of Scandinavian-Bohemian Design

TEMPLE, TX (March 12, 2019) – Today, we increasingly seek experiences that are uniquely our own - often curating our surroundings with deliberately chosen objects that reflect our personal, individual style. From furnishings, to electronics, to fashion and beauty products, brands offering choice and opportunities for self-expression are at the forefront of their industries - think NIKEID, Fenty Beauty and Netflix. In 2019, Wilsonart, through its Virtual Design Library (VDL) of print-on-demand patterns, will bring the design community a quarterly collection of curated designs that fully embraces the concept of individualism and personalization. The first Collection, Scandinavian-Bohemian, is a fusion of styles that work for any maximalist or minimalist space. 

“We have entered a period where there is a story behind everything in our lives,” said Andrea Flint, Sr. Product Designer at Wilsonart. “When we travel, we look for one-of-a-kind experiences. When we shop, we purchase objects that are personal and meaningful to us. As designers, we look to nurture, encourage and cultivate this desire for self-expression.”  

The Scandinavian-Bohemian Collection includes 12 new and three existing patterns that exude a hygge lifestyle of laid-back, cozy and down-to-earth comfort. From an assortment of five new wood-inspired patterns including natural and white-washed knotty pines; to four abstract designs that include a stunning Indigo Shibori and two tonal art deco patterns, the new VDL Collection is the best of clean, crisp Scandinavian design paired with eclectic, free-spirited Bohemian design.   

The Collection also features an expansion of Wilsonart’s distinctive Spectrum series, which pairs subtle, layered designs with spectacular colors. Two new greens, Basil Honeycomb and Iced Mint, along with Raspberry Parfait Honeycomb, add a pop of color. Finally, the Collection reintroduces three patterns from the current library that also embody the essence of Scandinavian-Bohemian: Indigo Kilim, Radiant Brass and Bleached Walnut Crossgrain.    

The Virtual Design Library is a boutique solution that helps set any space apart. The new Scandinavian-Bohemian Collection not only emphasizes calming, Scandinavian neutrals and playful Boho-chic colors and patterns, it also pairs each design with a fitting texture that elevates the experience of interiors. From matte and silky smooth to casual rustic, texture is never an afterthought in Wilsonart surfaces. See how well the new designs fit in healthcare, retail, hospitality and office settings through the Wilsonart Visualizer. The Collection includes:   


Brushed Walnut | SoftGrain Finish – a large-scale walnut in a warm, medium brown tone.


Basil Honeycomb | Matte Finish – a dark earthly green optical solid. This tonal honeycomb pattern is small-scale.


Iced Mint | Matte Finish – a dusky light mint optical solid in a small-scale crossweave pattern.


Raspberry Parfait Honeycomb | Matte Finish – a medium-toned raspberry color. This optical solid design has a tonal small-scale honeycomb pattern. 


Nuvo Deco | Matte Finish – a medium-scale graphic art deco pattern in tonal light grey colors.   


Gris Deco | Matte Finish – a medium-scale graphic art deco pattern in medium and dark grey colors.


Indigo Shibori | Soft Silk Finish – a large-scale dark blue pattern inspired by hand died silk in indigo and white.


Textured Papyrus| Matte Finish – a white medium-scale design with visual texture.


Western White Pine | Casual Rustic Finish – a large-scale knotty pine pattern in a warm beige color.


Ghost Maple | Fine Velvet Finish – a medium-scale warm white washed maple pattern.


Sugar Pine | Casual Rustic Finish – a white washed knotty pine. This medium-scale wood design has subtle wood graining and knots.


North Fork Pine | Soft Silk Finish – a large-scale planked knotty pine design. The wood look is a warm natural pine color with some grey character.


Indigo Kilim | Matte Finish – a beautiful medium-scale design inspired by Kilim rugs. This pattern is given a modern feel with monochromatic indigo blues and a time-worn look.


Bleached Walnut Crossgrain | Matte Finish – a clean linear rift cut walnut. This small-scale wood is a bleached color.


Radiant Brass | Matte Finish – a rich aged gold metal color made by a subtle crossweave pattern.




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